How to Select The Best Web Hosting for Your Blog

People create personal blogs in hopes to display their passion and talents for the world to see. If you own a blog, you might want to pay close attention to every aspect, from creating it, to hosting it, everything.

There are tons of options available and you may get confused about how to choose the best blog hosting.

Here’s our guide on how to choose the best blog hosting for your blog to make your work easier.

What is the importance of good hosting?

It is very important to understand why and how spending some time choosing a good blog hosting for you, can go a long way.

What you need to know is that hosting works at the base of your entire online business. Problems that your web hosting suffers, like slow speed, little up-time, etc., affect your blog too!

A bad hosting, which keeps facing such issues, can stress you out like nothing else. You will be in constant stress about your blog’s performance when dealing with a bad hosting.

Not all types of hosting are fit for your blog. Some may be too expensive, while others may not provide the features you desire.

A good blog hosting is one that fulfills all your needs and delivers positive end results. Spending some time picking out the best blog hosting for you is very important.

What to look for in blog hosting service?

Now that we know why good hosting service is necessary, the question arises, what is the blog hosting criteria that you should focus on?

  • The Speed of the server : 

    This is one of the main concerns for bloggers. Every blogger want’s their site to load as fast as possible. This is because users expect site load time to be less than 2 seconds. If a blog takes more time to load, they will move on to the next blog.

    According to surveys, 52% of people stay loyal to a blog which loads fast. 79% of users will never return to a site if it takes too long to load. You should consider server speed as the most important aspect to look into while choosing blog hosting.

  • The security it offers:  

    Keeping your blog secure is very essential. It is a known fact that anything on the internet is subject to hacks and security breaches.

    You need to choose a hosting service which can protect and keep your content secured. After all, you don’t want another site to hack you or your user’s content and information.

  • Customer Support It provides: 

    You are bound to face certain difficulties when hosting your blog. If the hosting provider you choose is reliable enough, you will get solutions to any problem within minutes. Its customer service will help and guide you through each step in detail.

    If your hosting provider does not have quality customer support, your hosting experience will be a bad one.

    No one wants to experience bad things, right? This is why it is always better to look for a web host who provides good customer support and service.

  • The features it offers: 

    For newbies who are fresh into blogging and hosting, you are looking for a host who has easy to use features.

    Hosting can be a very difficult job, so look for a host who has features like drag and drops website builders, who provide free domain names, etc.

  • The type of server you want to choose:

    Another very important thing to look for in a hosting provider is the servers that they have. Do they have the server you are looking for?

    There are several different servers you can choose from. You need to pick one according to your requirements.

    Generally, new bloggers opt for shared hosting server as they are cheaper and cost efficient.

    This is because new bloggers do not have the finances of buying a dedicated or cloud server.

    Shared hosting server is ideal for a new blog as it fulfills all the basic requirements. As your blog grows, you will need to switch to another server like WordPress or cloud hosting to avoid slow page loading and other issues.

    If you have the finances to buy a more personalized server, you can also go for cloud hosting which is more secure and reliable than shared hosting.

These were the blog hosting criteria on the basis of which you should decide which hosting is better for you.


What type of blogging hosts to consider?

There are many blog hosting sites available today which can help you run your blog on the internet.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the largest blogging platform in the world and is currently powering 26% of the web.

The credit of its popularity may go to it’s easy to use features that everyone can understand. Beginners can set up a blog with no problem at all. is completely free to use, but, if you want to upgrade your website you will have to switch to which is paid. is very easy to install too. There is no need for knowledge of coding to us WordPress.


Blogger Hosting

Another one of the popular blogging sites, Blogger has many amazing features which are perfect for every kind of blogger.

Publishing and posting content is a piece of cake with Blogger. There are widgets that can enhance and decorate your blog. You need to have coding knowledge to customize your site according to your requirements.

Blogger is a product of Google which makes it efficient to integrate with Google apps.



A free blogging platform, Medium allows easy content management. You can start blogging on Medium for free as long as your membership lasts!

It has all the functionality that you want to use as a blogger, from comments to highlighting the blog that users enjoy.

It also displays their ‘pick of the day’ blogs on their homepage. The Medium staff makes these picks themselves. This is a great way to promote your blog among other users of Medium.


Tumblr is a free site and is also easy to use. Creating a blog and a website on Tumblr is a child’s play.

This site is owned by Yahoo and its features are as good as WordPress and Blogger.

The features that Tumblr offers are amazing for a free website, but, they are limited and fall short as your blog grows.



The answer to how to choose the best blog hosting comes down to your requirements and host expectations. There are many factors that make a good hosting provider. You will need to keep those in mind while selecting a blog host.

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