How to Make a Decision if You need Dedicated or VPS Hosting?

//How to Make a Decision if You need Dedicated or VPS Hosting?

How to Make a Decision if You need Dedicated or VPS Hosting?

The decision to take your business online may look simple, but you have to consider so many things to make it work. The first step is to publish your website, and you can take that step in the right direction by knowing the type of web hosting suitable for you. When you know you’ll have a website rich with graphics, you’ll need to choose between VPS and Dedicated web hosting services.  Which one is going to work best for you? Here’s what will help you decide!

VPS Hosting

When you have a large website loaded with images and expect an increase in traffic, you should avoid a shared hosting service where you are on a server with many other websites. VPS or Virtual Private Servers are almost the same, but the difference is that you will have specific server resources allotted to you only. There is no chance of any other website on the main server consuming your bandwidth or available resources. You will have a certain amount of bandwidth, RAM, and server space dedicated to your website only.

Dedicated Hosting

Going for a dedicated hosting means strictly no sharing of resources with any other website, the entire server will be available for you only.  While all of the server’s resources will be dedicated to your website only, you can choose the equipment, including the size of the hard drive, type of Ram, and the capacity of the processor. You can work with your provider and define their role. For instance, they may be asked to take steps ensuring that the server stays protected or the software is updated regularly.

Choosing between the Two

Just by understanding the definitions, you should get an idea of which one is going to work for you. For instance, if you have a website with lots of graphics, you may want to put your money on a VPS, but a dedicated hosting is a better choice if the same site experiences a quick boost in traffic in a short time.

Similarly, consider your technical knowhow before making a choice. Do you already have an IT department in your office? You may go on and put your money on a dedicated hosting service because your specialists can take care of all the updates and more. You can choose the software to use on your server and have it optimized in whatever way you like. You actually have a full control of the server, including hard drive storage, memory, processing power, and even network access, which is the beauty of a dedicated hosting provider. Shared and some VPS providers have limitations imposed on what you can install regarding resource allocation.

With VPS, you will have limited resources available, but there will always be a “minimum resource availability” guaranteed with every VPS hosting plan.  It means, you can expect a good speed and may even be able to install a new software package without having to go through approved lists.  Not all VPS plans will include such features though.  So, you’ll notice that it all comes down to finding the right balance between price and performance when you have to decide between VPS and dedicated hosting services.

When your budget is limited, but you still want a good speed and adequate server resources, try the VPS hosting. You can afford to cough up more money to enjoy an even better performance, work with a dedicated hosting provider. Don’t forget to consider the ease of use – a dedicated hosting plan is rather complicated and requires technical expertise to implement everything. So, understand your unique needs, determine your budget, and then select the hosting plan suitable for your business.

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