What is a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate?

/What is a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate?

What is a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a small data file that carries the secure key to an organization’s details. A secured site can be identified with a padlock, green bar, and an https protocol, that ensures the data transmitted between the web server and browser is secure. It provides authentication, to make sure the information we send through the browser is directed to the right server. Sensitive information like user details, credit card information, logins and passwords are encrypted to avoid identity theft from hackers. SSL is one of the mandatory need for the website to be PCI compliant and protect your website from hacking and phishing attacks.
How does a web hosting service work?
Web hosting is a server where you can store your website information, to be accessed via the internet. In general, web hosting is a company which gives their storage and technological benefits to website owners. Once the website name is typed in the browser, the website files are fetched from the hosting servers and made available to the respective user. A web hosting server can be configured for speed, storage and other advanced technologies to have seamless data availability.

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