What is a Domain name?

/What is a Domain name?

What is a Domain name?

Domain name is a logical entity that provides an identity to your website name. In other words, it is the address of your website, which enables access to internet users. Usually, the address is composed of numbers, which of course is very difficult to remember. So an entity called Domain name is assigned to these numbers, which are easy to be identified by users.
The domain name has to be created first, even before a website is made. There are many domain registrars like godaddy.com, namecheap.com where you can register your name with minimal costs. Once your domain name with appropriate extensions is finalised, you can check out through PayPal or credit card to make payment. Hurray! An awesome personalized domain name is now available for your use!!
Please note that your domain name should have appropriate extensions.For example, .com, .org, .edu, .club, .info are popular top-level domains named based on the website category. Extensions like .in, .eu are few examples of country code level domain. Domain name comes with a yearly fee that varies based on the extensions we use.

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