What are the drawbacks of Shared Hosting?

/What are the drawbacks of Shared Hosting?

What are the drawbacks of Shared Hosting?

Even though Shared Hosting promises exciting features for users, the reality there are certain significant drawbacks.

● The first and foremost disadvantage is the number of users sharing the server. Your site’s performance now entirely depends on the availability of shared resources. For instance, your neighboring website might get all the resources due to high traffic, limiting your resource need.

● Lack of security is another primary concern for a shared website. In case, if a shared user does not have proper security controls in place, there is a high chance of the server getting hacked. This can create problems for all the users who share a particular server.

● Slower loading times and security risk posed websites may affect your google search ranking. This can lead to underperforming website and loss of potential customers.

If your website is growing in terms of Google ranking and business, it is highly recommended to switch to a VPS or Dedicated server.

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