What are different types of hosting?

/What are different types of hosting?

What are different types of hosting?

There are many Web hosting services that can be chosen based on your business needs. Following are the few hosting types commonly in practice,

Shared Hosting:

As the name suggests, the server is being shared by multiple websites. It is one of the cost-effective methods to host a website as the server charges are shared among the users. If you have an entry level website and expect minimal traffic, Shared hosting will be your right choice!

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is of advanced technology, where you use the combined resources of different computers connected in a network. If you are expecting your website business to grow over a period of time and pay as you need, cloud hosting is the perfect option!

Virtual Private Server:

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual dedicated machine that resides on a computer that serves many websites. Each virtual server has its own operating system and a hosting software. The Virtual Machine will have limited access to memory and storage attributes of its physical server. Thus, users who have a website in a VPS are completely unaware of other websites hosted by its physical server, making it a private or dedicated server.

Dedicated Server:

When you rent a server dedicated to serving your website alone, it is a dedicated server. You can have full control over the server’s operating system. There is no hassle that may occur due to shared resources, which gives your website a high performance by accommodating more traffic.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

WordPress is a popular content management solution and currently, many web hosting servers offer to manage its installation. With a cost-effective monthly charge, you can get a WordPress website hosted and customized in a short time. The hosting server also takes the responsibility of regular software and security updates for your website protection. It is a perfect hosting option for startups!

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