Is VPS better than shared hosting?

/Is VPS better than shared hosting?

Is VPS better than shared hosting?

A Virtual Private Server Hosting and a Shared Hosting differs in every aspect of resource sharing! Let’s see the stark difference between the two,

Resource Availability: You share a server with many other users in a shared hosting whereas, in VPS, a dedicated virtual machine with a pre-allocated resource cap is available. In general, a website hosted in VPS shows more performance than in Shared hosting.

Security: Sharing a website with others may pose several threats. But in VPS, each website is private from other users and your website will be completely secure.

Scalability: A VPS is much more scalable when compared to Shared Hosting, and perfect for a website which requires continuous growth.

Though other factors like Pricing and Server maintenance are effective in Shared Hosting, those requirements alone are not enough to run your website in a seamless manner.

Thus said, a VPS hosting is far better than a Shared Hosting!

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