How do I backup my site?

/How do I backup my site?

How do I backup my site?

Backing up of a website is a mandatory activity that has to be performed on a regular basis. Not scheduling a backup option for your website can make data recovery difficult during a sudden loss of data. Though many of the web hosting services include free back up provision, it is your responsibility to avail proper backup plans required for your data.

Following are the few backup methods that you can avail based on data sensitivity and budget.
Manual backups can be done by file downloads. Cpanel backups can be performed from its interface by clicking on the “Backup” Icon and stored in the preferred local directory. Cloud backups are the most efficient ones. Products like Amazon S3 and Dropbox are perfect solutions for data recovery. Automated software like CodeGuard and DropMysite backups the data on a daily basis and also prevents the code from malware attacks.

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