Do I need cloud hosting?

/Do I need cloud hosting?

Do I need cloud hosting?

If you are looking to set up a hosting network for maintaining solutions for Mid-Size and Large organization, YES, Cloud Hosting is the preferred choice. Following are the few benefits of using cloud hosting,

● Resources that can be shared among the network are highly scalable. As the users grow, so does the availability of resources like storage etc. Also, the business need not pay a license fee for each software solution it uses, thus making it cost-effective.

● Data backup and recovery has never been easy, thanks to the advent of Cloud computing! Each network is secured and backed up on a regular basis, that makes it handy in events of data loss.

● A need of physical server is no longer in the picture, as the data is stored in your private cloud. This reduces the cost on the need to maintain physical server and

● A Cloud network can be accessed from any devices like laptops, tablets, mobile devices from anywhere in the world, thus providing greater flexibility.

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