When is the best time to go for VPS Hosting

Do I need VPS Hosting

Start-ups and Businesses often get confused on when to buy VPS server as there are tons of web hosting services available today. This article focuses on explaining all aspects of VPS hosting, what its advantages are and when is the best time for vps hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server and as the name suggests, it is a virtualized server. Unlike dedicated servers, VPS servers have a shared hosting environment which gives the illusion of a dedicated server.

The server is divided into many sections and the owner has complete control over their section or webspace. The owner can store data on this webspace, control, and access it according to their needs.

Do I need VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting has become quite popular among all types of businesses, from start-ups to medium as well as large companies. This is because of the many advantages it provides as compared to other hosting services.
You know it is the right time to switch to VPS server:

  • If your website faces slow loading problems

Once you start getting traffic on your website, you know that you are no longer a newbie in the online world. The next step you need to take in order to grow your website further is shifting from a shared server to a more personalized VPS server.

The traffic that other users of a shared server get, affects the functioning of your own website. This leads to slow loading issues which you need to avoid at all costs. If you want to provide your users with a fast loading website, shifting to a VPS server is a smart move.

  • When you have tons of data to store on the server

As your website grows and expands, shared hosting plans fall short of fulfilling your website’s requirements. At this point, a common problem you face is that there isn’t enough RAM space to store your data. This hampers the efficient working of your website as your services are not available to the users.

When you face such a problem you should understand that upgrading to VPS hosting is the next step. You get a virtual personal space where you can store all the data that your website requires. This increases the efficiency of your website.

  • When you face security issues

Security is a huge concern for websites, especially those that require online payment or collect data of their users. Shared servers provide an unsecured environment as there are multiple websites running other than your own.

If you notice attacks on your website, they are likely from another website hosted on the same server. To secure your website from such unwanted interactions with others you need to stop using shared server and opt for VPS hosting.

VPS hosting offers individual webspace to each user which is completely secure from other users of the server.

  • If you want to get the features offered by a dedicated server at a lower price

If you want to upgrade to a fast and secure hosting environment but do not have the budget to buy either cloud hosting or dedicated server, VPS hosting is the next best option.

VPS hosting is a cost-efficient hosting and has a lower price than dedicated servers. You can enjoy all the essential features of a dedicated server at a cheaper price.

Things to keep in mind while looking for VPS hosting

If you want the best VPS hosting for your website, consider the following before buying a server.

  • Do you require help managing the server?

In VPS hosting you can choose if you want a managed server or an unmanaged one. If you do not know how to manage a server, you can choose a managed server and let your provider handle it on your behalf.

On the other hand, if you have knowledge about servers and how to handle issues, you can opt for unmanaged servers.

  • Which operating system is more profitable for you

It is important to be aware of which Operating System you need to host your website before buying a VPS server. Windows and Linux both are popular choices. However, Linux VPS hosting has a separate set of advantages. If you want a scalable, easy to use, and secure Operating System which is also cost-efficient, Linux Operating System is a logical choice.

If your website runs on ASP technology, you will need a Windows OS which is costlier than Linux.

  • The Cost of different VPS plans

VPS server price depends on a couple of different factors. Prices may vary from provider to provider depending upon the environment and services they offer.

The size of RAM, the type of Operating System, the duration of your hosting, and more such factors affect the overall cost of the VPS server plans.


I hope this guide of when to buy VPS server helped you take a decision towards choosing the right hosting for your website.
VPS is a popular hosting service among big and small businesses alike. If you are stuck on using shared hosting, one thing is for sure: VPS is the better of the two.

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