BlueHost vs A2 Hosting Shared Hosting – The Winner Revealed!

//BlueHost vs A2 Hosting Shared Hosting – The Winner Revealed!

BlueHost vs A2 Hosting Shared Hosting – The Winner Revealed!

BlueHost Vs A2 Hosting

When it comes to Linux shared hosting, Bluehost and A2 hosting are the topmost contenders! Most importantly, both services offer excellent features, performance, and support to host a secure website! 

So, it is high time to do a Bluehost Vs A2 hosting comparison, in order to arrive a better conclusion. 

With that in mind, let’s start reviewing all of their features one by one!

About A2 Hosting:

Here is a detailed review we have published on A2 Hosting.

A2 hosting has come a long way since its inception in 2001. Under the supervision of CEO Bryan Muthig, it now functions as a state of art technology. As compared to its competitors, A2 hosting excels in many qualities.

It comes with faster and reliable service, good uptime and excellent customer support.

To know more, an A2 hosting review with its pros and cons can help the users in a great way!


It offers the fastest page load time:

With A2 hosting, your website loads 20X faster than its competitive hosting service. How is it even possible? It is because, their servers are hosted in swift server platforms, which guarantees high-speed load time!

In fact, the average page load time of A2 website is proven to be 376ms, which is an impressive time!

Thus, you can improve your website’s page views, conversion rate, and user satisfaction.

Good customer support:

A2 offers 24*7*365 guru support, who can address your queries round the clock. In fact, they are helpful enough to redirect your questions to the appropriate team, without hesitation. The response from the team is great and you also have the ability to drop offline queries to their team.

It provides good security measures:

A2 hosting believes in perpetual security! That means, your website is monitored and handled threats in a continuous manner. Features like Kernel Care, DDoS protection, server monitoring, firewall, and server hardening are the few features that make your website strong and secure!

Excellent network uptime:

Your website enjoys 99.9% of uptime, thanks to their well-connected CDNs. With strategically placed data centers in 4 locations in the world, there is no delay in loading your website.

The features are a great value for money:

For a monthly cost of $3.92, A2 gives excellent features to create a wonderful website! Firstly, it offers a one-click installation process for various CMSs. Also, it has features to support developer tools and e-commerce solutions. It includes advertising credits and statistic software to improve your website’s reach.

Most importantly, you get services like Cpanel, SSL and web site migration free of cost! The 30-day money back guarantee comes with no hassle and hidden fees!


The basic plan lacks advanced features:

Even though your basic plan comes with several features, few of them are not inclusive, much to the user’s dismay!  For instance, Turbo Boost, Lite Cache for WP and Magento and free CDN accounts comes only in Swift and Turbo plans.

No Free Domain:

While many of its competitors offer a free domain, for the first year, A2 does not! As many users start with cost-effective options to create a website, paying for the domain is a huge turn off!

Not a cost-effective solution for the long term:

For instance, if you want to avail all the advanced features in your hosting plan, the yearly cost comes to $420! That’s huge money for any beginner to investing on a basic website! The additional services like priority support, firewall, turbo boost, and CDN accounts are indeed expensive for a basic user!

About BlueHost:


Here is a detailed review of Bluehost hosting.

Bluehost is one of the popular web hosting services, serving 2M users since its inception in 2003.  Most importantly, it is one of the recommended hosting services, by the WordPress Association.

That means you can use the full features of both BlueHost and WordPress, to create excellent interactive websites.

Coming to the Bluehost review, it does have its list of pros and cons! Let’s have a look at each of those!


It renders reliable service:

Bluehost has a proven uptime of 99.99% with a page load time of 424 ms.  Thanks to its well-connected data centers spread across the globe! Thus, your website is available throughout irrespective of time, location and any downtime issues.

In addition, it has a unique “Resource protection” process, which handles and isolates the websites that need more resources. Thus, the resources shared are available for all the other websites, without a compromise.

The basic plan comes with important features:

Bluehost’s pricing plan comes with all the basic features included. For a monthly payment of $ 3.95, you get unlimited bandwidth, decent storage of 50 GB, free SSL and a CPanel. Also, you can avail up to 5 free email accounts for your website.

Furthermore, you get all the basic WP plugins, website builder and a one-click installation process included in the plan.

Effective customer support:

A good human touch is absolutely necessary for a hosting service and Bluehost knows how to give it! It has a skillful technical and sales support group, to help with your needs. You can reach the team via Chat, Email and Phone support.

The “Knowledge Base” section has many tutorials and guides, to help you with self-study. In the case of Live Chat, the support agents up to the point in giving you the exact detail you expect, without any delay.

You can host a secure website:

The hosting server is as such secured and protected from external threats. That means a user has a choice to opt for add-ons or stick with the basic security settings of the server. For instance, if your website is low-cost and has only informational content, it is a wise choice to go with the inbuilt settings.

It offers dedicated support for WordPress:

The “Blue Spark” feature of the shared hosting, provides dedicated support for your WordPress queries. It has a team of WP experts who can guide you through the WP themes and plugins, you are looking for!

This personalized support comes with Shared plan hosting and is absolutely free of cost!



Important features are available as Add-ons:

Bluehost does charge for important options in the basic plan. For instance, features like Codeguard Basic, Spam experts, and advertising credits are available in Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro packages. But the same is not available or included as an add-on in the basic hosting plan.

It is, in fact, a drawback, as many users start their website with minimal investment. Opting for these features is expensive and not a long term option!

Website migration is not free:

As you see, many shared hosting competitors offer to provide free migration service. But Bluehost has not compromised on that regard! It charges a hefty $149.99 for the users, in order to activate the site migration. It is indeed, a major drawback from the user’s perspective.

*A2 Hosting vs Bluehost features comparison.

BlueHost Vs A2 Hosting Comparison

Now that, we have a thorough knowledge of the shared hosting plans, its time to compare their features and arrive at a conclusion.


From the above Bluehost vs A2 hosting shared hosting review, we can find that what lags in each of their plans. For instance, A2 is expensive as compared to Bluehost, for a long term basis. But the features, speed and reliability factors are top-notch in A2 hosting.

Considering that, we can confidently say that “A2 Shared Hosting” is a sure shot winner!

Now, you have all the in-depth information on each of the shared hosting features and services. So, what is your choice? 

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